Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cover Reveal: Girl in Love by Caisey Quinn

I've been so privileged to work with Caisey Quinn on the cover of her third book in the Kylie Ryans series, Girl in Love. These books will always have a special place in my heart. The first one launched when I was just a writer and Caisey was a fan of mine who told me about this amazing book she'd written called Girl with Guitar. I told her she had to publish it and to put my money where my mouth was, I designed her a cover (it was supposed to be a temporary cover until she could afford a real designer) and formatted the book.

The book was a bestseller - my design efforts hadn't killed its chances there, and people started coming to me to ask for cover designs and formatting. And the rest is history. I started up E.M. Tippetts Book Designs and Caisey continued to kill it in the rankings and release one bestseller after another. I can't take any credit whatsoever for Caisey's talent, only for spotting how glaringly obvious it was. Being a part of her career launch has been a true privilege.

For the cover of Girl in Love, I can't take too much credit because Caisey had already picked the image and layout. As is often the case with her, it's a matter of noting her talent, helping get it into publishable format, and then getting out of the way ;-)

She's living her dream...

Kylie Ryans is the biggest thing to come out of Nashville since, well, since Trace Corbin. With a hit album and a powerful label behind her, she appears to be the girl who has it all.

But appearances can be deceiving.

Fresh out of rehab, Trace Corbin is ready to take on the world. Just not the girl he walked away from. Because if there's one thing he knows for certain, it's that the people you love are the ones who have the power to destroy you.

As their worlds collide, they'll have to make the ultimate choice. Follow their dreams, or give it all up for love.

They say love conquers all, but for Kylie and Trace, it just might wreck everything they've worked for.


  1. I heart you. There just aren't words to say how much. ;) Thank you for all you do for me, Em. I couldn't have been given a greater blessing than you holding my hand along this publishing journey! *Big hugs!*

    1. Glad I've been able to play my small part in your huge success! It's been a true privilege. *Big Hugs Back*