Thursday, June 27, 2013

COVER REVEAL: Lovely by Beth Michele

It's been a true privilege to work with Beth Michele on this cover for her upcoming release. Together we had a lot of fun with this one!

Expected Release Date: September 2013
Genre: New Adult Romance
Cover Design By: E.M. Tippetts Book Designs

A moment can change everything…

Ashton Taylor. Six foot one, Dark hair, chiseled jaw, riveting hazel eyes, and a body cut in all the right places. He’s a natural. Things just come easy to him. He’s used to getting everything he wants, excelling at everything he does. The grades, the recognition, the beautiful women.

His path was set. A girl, a full scholarship to UCLA, and a bright future. To others, his life seemed perfect. But, things are never what they seem, and life, well, at any moment, something or someone can come along and turn it upside down.

That something…the death of his father.

That someone… Cara Hayward. The girl with the hypnotic eyes, melodic voice, enchanting smile, and lips sent straight from heaven.

The girl who doesn’t want to be seen.

So what happens when a guy who everything comes easy to, meets a girl who doesn’t come easy? Can he crawl through all the broken glass to find her? Will the girl he discovers deep down be able to see past his perfect exterior?

Together, do they have the power to heal one another? Or, could the very thing that brings them together, be the one thing that tears them apart?

**Lovely is a New Adult Romance with strong language and mature sexual content.

About the Author

Beth Michele is a wife, a mom, an author and a lover of all things chocolate, well, anything sweet really. While stuffing chocolate in her face, she enjoys reading young adult and new adult novels furiously, and spending time with her husband and two adorable children who keep her on her painted toes. Those same children who inspire her to tell silly stories that cause hysterical giggles to tumble from their bellies. Beth is a hopeless romantic and a happily ever after fanatic who loves to write about love.


  1. Ooohhhh how I love the summary! Yaaay, another awesome NA romance! On my TBR list ASAP :D

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    2. Okay, duh, I went to go make Rafflecopter display the winner, only to realize, this isn't my rafflecopter! This giveaway was held by the blog tour operator, so I haven't a clue who won. Click the link above to Love Between the Sheets to talk to them. In the meantime, we'll give away a signed copy of Lovely closer to the release date.