Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ebook: Vain by Fisher Amelie

I can't take design credit for this one. Fisher Amelie and her husband came to us with the images and layouts, and it was our job to make it work in an ebook, so that's what we did. There are a few tricks we have in house that enable us to work with images and keep the files as small as possible.

This is how Fisher Amelie does a title page. Isn't it gorgeous? This is how it would look on a Kindle Fire

The header image, chapter header, and text with embedded font, as it would appear on a Kindle Fire

I won't show all of the beautiful images Fisher and her husband provided, but here's one that is hyperlinked to her newsletter. Now, on a Kindle, a hyperlinked image will usually show up with an underline, which is especially prominent on an image with a white background. The Kindle guides give no way to remove it, and none of our research revealed a method. So we figured one out ourselves. This is how the image would look on a Kindle Fire - no underline.

One of the several landing pages for Fisher's other books, as it would appear on a Kindle Fire.

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