Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Announcement: Three New Formatters Have Joined EM Tippetts Book Designs

Many of you who've hired EM Tippetts Book Designs recently know that there are now four of us. I haven't been using the royal "we" when I refer to our little business here. Aside from me (Emily Mah Tippetts), we've now got Tianne Samson, Tara Jones, and Stacey Millett Tippetts.

We are all in the same extended family (Stacey and I are actually the most distant relatives of the four; it's just coincidence that we have the same last name). This gives us all the benefits of a family business: we know each other and can contact each other at all hours of the night and day, etc. At the same time, we benefit from being spread across four different households. It would take a major catastrophe to shut us down. I initially recruited these relatives in particular because they all have backgrounds in design and/or proofreading, and like me, they are stay at home mothers who format while kids are napping or down for the night.

Right now I'm still designing all the templates for the books, but that may change in the future too. Authors will always have the final say in how their books look, but they might get ideas for layouts from the other three as well.

So please welcome Tianne, Tara, and Stacey aboard! They're all committed to doing top quality work, keeping all manuscripts we receive confidential, and creating beautiful books.


  1. Welcome and thank you, Tianne, Tara, and Stacey! And thanks to you too, Emily!

  2. Welcome to Tianne, Tara and Stacey!! Thanks to all of you -- and to Emily! -- for the beautiful formatting ;).