Friday, July 26, 2013

Win an ebook of Faking It by Diane Alberts (aka Jen McLaughlin)

You'll notice several things are a little unusual about this week's giveaway. The first is that it is of an ebook, not a paperback. That's because this book is not out in paperback. This also isn't a signed ebook because I did not format it and don't have access to the original files (or the right to edit them). Finally, the name of the author on this book is not a name that will appear on any of the covers of books we've worked on (so far). 

That is because Diane Alberts is also Jen McLaughlin, whose book we are formatting. She suggested we give away this book, Faking It, because she feels it will appeal to the same target audience of her upcoming new adult romance, Out of Line, which will be out in the very near future.

So enter to win this book, and get a preview of the feel and style of Out of Line!

Derek Rory never meant to propose to his best friend's little sister. But when her boss tells a family-oriented investor he's Stephanie's fiancĂ©, Derek can either play along or let her get fired. He's hardly one to turn away from a damsel in distress. If only that damsel wasn't adorable and sexy with a laugh that could melt any cold business mogul’s heart.

When a business proposal becomes a marriage proposal, Stephanie Miller tries to keep it strictly boardroom. But when things get hot under the table, it's all they can do to stay apart. As the tangle of lies drags them deeper into the underhanded world of business politics, Stephanie finds herself in over her head—not just with her job, but with her "fiancĂ©." His eyes are cold, but his kisses light her on fire. If she's not careful, she'll end up faking her way into a real romance.

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